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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Decisions About Us Without Us

It's about that time ya'll..Admist the growing pressure to make a deal inside and outside, police and conference officials have kicked into plan smack down. After arresting over 1,000 people at the march on Saturday, the police have begun to target movement leaders and armed with laws pre-passed locally that allow them to arrest anyone who looks like they might be planning actions or demonstrations. They are looking to head off and undermine what's going to happen anyway. Today.

The conference has restricted access to accredited delegates since Tuesday, only 1,000 people from civil society (that's for the whole planet!!) can come inside the meetings. On Friday, that number will be 90. On the inside, tensions flare at the apparent side meetings and back room deals being cut, talks are on the brink of collapse.

This morning thousands will march to the fences surrounding Bella Center, delegates with credentials in hand, demanding to come in under the slogan: No Decisions About Us Without Us!! More details and updates to come..

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